The Maryknoll Mission Center in Latin America proudly announces the opening of its new

language program! Welcome one and all!

This new program offers all of the following:

• The use of the Communicative Approach methodology for the teaching of Spanish,

Quechua and Aymara

• Classes adapted to each student’s language learning level (Beginner, Intermediate,

Advanced or Superior)

• Classes with two or three students per instructor

• Four one hour classes Monday thru Friday

• Six-week courses with the flexibility to extend up to a total of 18 weeks

• Weekly lectures on cultural, pastoral, mission and socio-political topics

• Opportunities for:

¸ Volunteer service (orphanages, hospitals, etc.)

¸ Lodging (room and board) with host Bolivian families

¸ Trips (Excursions) around the city and/ or around the country on weekends

¸ Additional optional courses on mission formation, socio-cultural topics, and

personal human development with the other Maryknoll Mission Center


¸ Language practice opportunities throughout the Cochabamba community

• Assistance with visa applications, renewals and/ or other requirements

• Total immersion in Bolivian language and culture

• Costs:

ÿ Six-week course: $ 1700 (one thousand and seven hundred American dollars)

ÿ Registration fee: $ 100 (one hundred American dollars)

ÿ Books: $ 100 approximately (one hundred American dollars)

ÿ Monthly lodging with Bolivian family: $ 360 (three hundred and sixty American


Dates for courses during 2014:

COURSE I June 16 to July 25

COURSE II July 28 to September 5

COURSE III September 8 to October 17

For more information, please contact Sister Catherine DeVito at one of the following e-mail


for more information please click this link

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